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On March 7 I had an e-mail correspondence with a staff member at the Library of Virginia and at that time I was told that the proposed budget cut to the library would lead to a loss of state funds, along with federal funds and other resources.


On March 8 I spoke with a different staff member at the Library of Virginia.  I was informed by this person that the proposed cut would not impact the library's state funding, federal funding, or any other resources received from the state. 


In an e-mail sent to me from this individual I was told that "we did not understand the depth and breadth of cuts in Halifax at that time. The Library of Virginia's Board makes the call on whose locality seems to be singling them out for funding cuts. The cuts made in Halifax, while not across the board and uneven, are broad enough to demonstrate revenue constraints in the locality and yes, they can do this as often as they like as long as the circumstances are similar to these. When it gets dicey is when ONLY the library receives cuts or a disproportionate percentage compared to other locality depts/agencies."


Based upon what I was told by this person, it appears that a loss of state aid is not a concern at this time.  However, as this person wrote, that is a decision that is ultimately made by the Library of Virginia's board. 


So we are now in a good news/bad news situation.  The good news is that it appears that this proposed cut, if it remains in place, will not cause any reductions in state and federal funds.  The bad news is that, even if these cuts are not across the board and are uneven, they can continue to be made in the future as long as they are, in the words of one of my resources at the Library of Virginia, “broad enough to demonstrate revenue constraints in the locality.”


There is an oft-repeated quote that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”  It is also the price for an adequately funded public library, one that is able to provide the services and programs needed within the community.  Please continue to support the Halifax County-South Boston Public Library System.

Jay Stephens
Library Director


The library will be conducting a customer survey from February 26 through March 31.  Surveys will be available in the libraries starting February 27, or you may take the survey online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XGNFDNH.


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